BREAKING – SiaClassic Poised to Maintain Root Chain Despite Imminent Hard Fork0.87

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA – The Sia Classic Foundation, a community-oriented non-profit foundation built to advance decentralized storage platforms, has announced their intent to maintain Sia Chain following an imminent hard fork away from the root chain on October 31st. The eponymous cryptocurrency, SiaCoin, intends to fork, said Sia Classic’s leadership in an email, “to discriminate against all other ASICs outside of their proprietary solution. Their hardware is more expensive and less efficient than other choices on the market, and along with its equally proprietary killswitch, the fork will leave behind the majority of SiaCoin’s original supporters—many of who used various other kinds of hardware to support their network.

“There are no other significant cryptocurrencies to mine with this hardware, which has made tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of dollars, of mining hardware completely worthless. In this, they have diverged from their original raison d’être revolving around file storage, instead now using the fork to finance their own in-house hardware production, turning their back on the community that started it all.”

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