ByTus: a Key to Secure and Simple Crypto Payments2.82

Everybody who has ever dealt with cryptos knows that digital currencies are not ideal, as some problems appear while conducting transactions, and the most important of them is the problem of payments in cryptocurrencies. High and often deregulated commissions, low level of security, a lengthy process of payment confirmation, and poor usability as a result of poor knowledge of blockchain applications — these are just the most common problems users face while conducting transactions. Moreover, a lack of a supportive ecosystem and infrastructure makes it impossible for those having access to digital coins to use them for buying goods and services.

ByTus, a new platform based in New York, has been designed to solve the problems mentioned. ByTus is aimed at enabling users to independently control the security of their funds, simplifying the process of conversion to accelerate buying goods and services, and helping current retail chains easily payment of crypto-currencies who can attract new customers want to pay and receive new markets.

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