Why Tesla Accepting Bitcoin (BTC) and Crypto Would Be Ideal for Both Industries20.38

The Lamborghini has been the dream car for many crypto enthusiasts and traders ever since Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies were popularized by mainstream media mid last year. Back then, and till around March this year, the words on every crypto trader were When Lambo? This phrase was used to indicate the need for a cryptocurrency to make massive gains so that the owner of the digital assets, would sell them to buy a Lamborghini. There is even a website dedicated to the phrase and allows users to calculate when their holdings in BTC and other crypto, will mature enough to own a Lamborghini.

The dream to own a Lamborghini has since been put on hold by many crypto enthusiasts due to the current bear market.  The luxury vehicle costs on average between $250,000 and $500,000. But what if crypto traders and enthusiasts would embrace a more  eco-friendly, and similarly luxurious vehicle by Tesla?

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