Russian Central Bank Reports Cryptocurrency “Fever” Is Waning2.74

Cryptocurrency, Investing–Cryptocurrency has long been under attack for a number common faults found with the industry. Many economists, including Nobel Prize winning academics, focus on the viability of crypto as a source of money as an alternative to traditional fiat. While investors and pro-crypto enthusiasts see the advantage of digital money, transactions secured through blockchain and the ability to transact outside of a tender controled by centralized government authorities, economists continually point out the ways in which it fails to perform as a currency. Price volatility and the failure for deflationary currencies to perform over time have commonly been cited as major problems with crypto becoming a dominant source of money.

But equally controversial has been the claim that cryptocurrency is largely driven by bubblish fever, with most detractors pointing to “tulip mania” and the collapse of 2000 internet stock companies as being analogous to the current industry of cryptocurrency.

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