Still think Cryptokitties is the most profitable game? These DApps will prove you are wrong-3.28

Every gaming crypto enthusiast has heard about CryptoKitties, a virtual game that runs on the Ethereum blockchain, using non-fungible tokens that are unique to each ‘kitty’. What is so special about this blockchain based game?

Without a doubt, CryptoKitties has benefited from being the first on the market, as it entered the public’s consciousness before any of the other spinoffs. It is also noteworthy that a Dragon CryptoKitty is so far the most expensive item traded in the game’s history at 600 ETH (around $170,000). But did you know that CryptoKitties is not the most profitable blockchain based game? In this article we will take a look at the top DApps (decentralised apps), out of the more than 800 that have proliferated in such a short time. Before getting started however, it’s crucial to learn the DGaming industry basics.

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