Three Major Projects with Shockingly Little Activity0.01

“Build it and they will come” has unfortunately proven to not translate well with the crypto space. In 2017, ambitious projects raised record setting amounts of money and today, many of these projects have utilized their warchest to bring their dreams to reality. While there are a handful of major projects that have already garnered activity in the magnitude of millions, many alternatives have, so far, failed to see any meaningful use. Here are three of largest projects that fit the bill:

For many, it likely doesn’t come as a huge surprise that the Bitcoin fork has failed to garner much meaningful adoption. While Bitcoin Gold has a couple of interesting features, mainly, a new mining algorithm that is ASIC resistant as well as replay protection, it also comes with a lot of baggage. There is evidence to suggest that the developers pre-mined and dumped 200,000 BTG at the all-time high price of US$500. They also promoted a scam wallet that stole close to US$3 million from unknowing victims. Overall, there is little merit behind the project, especially in comparison to Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

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