Forbes partners with Civil0.17

Civil, the blockchain journalism startup backed by Consensys, announced today that it's partnering with ye olde media company Forbes.


[email protected] is officially joining the @Join_Civil network. We’re pleased to announce a significant, new partner today — and one of the biggest endorsements yet for #blockchain technology’s transformative potential for the media industry. #ConsenSys #Ethereum…

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The partnership is more like a toe in the water from Forbes, rather than a full-on dive into the blockchain world. Forbes will only be "publishing metadata from its cryptocurrency desk to the blockchain," which it plans to start doing by Q1 2019.

Richard MacManus

Interesting, altho more like a toe in the water: Forbes will be "publishing metadata from its cryptocurrency desk to the blockchain by Q1 2019”. Reminds me a bit of when NY Times published a few selected blogs on its Tech pages in 08 (incl RWW).…

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However Sara Fischer from Axios wrote that Forbes will also experiment with smart contracts, for example "to upload content through Forbes' CMS that can then be published to various outlets across the web, like Medium or LinkedIn, and to Forbes and Civil." 

Sara Fischer

Scoop: Forbes is trying out the blockchain…

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Laura Shin pointed out this won't address "the oracle problem" for Forbes, because "Forbes contributor content is not fact checked."

Laura Shin

@DelRayMan @AaronWStanley @joonian Love that Forbes is experimenting! Not surprised to see Salah behind this -- he was one of the most crypto-savvy people I met at Forbes! My one concern is the oracle problem -- this content will be published to a blockchain, but Forbes contributor content is not fact checked.

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@DelRayMan @AaronWStanley @joonian Unless Michael's job is about to take a new direction ... 😛

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Finally, it's worth noting there's a potentially significant financial incentive for Forbes in this partnership:

Amy Castor

Here's the clincher: "Forbes, which will possess CVL tokens as part of the partnership..."…

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