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Blockchain journalism company Civil has just started selling its token, CVL, on Token Foundry. As I explained in a review earlier this year, Civil’s goal is to enable newsrooms to receive sponsorship directly from users via cryptocurrencies - including but not limited to CVL. It also hopes to tackle censorship and intellectual property issues using the blockchain.


It's the moment we've been waiting for: The CVL token sale is LIVE. Register on Token Foundry.

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The token sale got off to a slow start, at least by peak 2017 ICO standards...

Global Chain 🚀

$CVL ICO off to a slow start on Token Foundry. #Civil #Journalism

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John Keefe has instructions on how to buy the tokens, if you're interested:

John Keefe

Never done cryptocurrencies? Me neither. Here's how (and why) I prepped for the @Join_Civil token sale tomorrow mor……

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Stable Genius Productions is one of about a dozen journalism companies to have partnered with Civil. Its main product so far is the ZigZag podcast, which has documented Civil's progress. One of the founders, Manoush Zomorodi, posted about the token sale today:

Manoush Zomorodi

Today, the @Join_Civil token goes on sale.
Let the record show:
1700+ are registered to buy CVL on @tokenfoundry……

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David Moore from investigative journalism website Sludge, another Civil partner, is excited about what the token sale might mean for him and other indie journalists:

David Moore

Incredibly excited that the @Join_Civil token sale is live! Info:… - I'm so proud of the wor……

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