What Are Dapp Scaling Frameworks, and How Will They Affect Blockchain Technology in the Near Future?1.13

Decentralized apps, or dApps, operating on the blockchain face a singular problem: scalability. Take a look at Bitcoin 10 transactions per second (TPS) limit, compared to Visa’s 24,000 TPS. While a handful of high-quality projects and companies have partly surmounted this challenge with sidechaining and sharding, nonscalability has inhibited the progress of many otherwise promising blockchain projects. DApp scaling frameworks may be an early solution on which to build greater and wider blockchain scalability in the future, and it’s worth examining what they are and why they’re so important.

DApps, or decentralized apps, use blockchain technology to deliver value in a peer-to-peer fashion. Blockchain is a decentralized, trustless, peer-to-peer ledger that allows users to transact between each other without a centralized authority through an encrypted medium.

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