Decentraland passes CryptoKitties as top NFT0.32

Investor Barry Silbert tweeted this week that Decentraland, a blockchain version of Second Life, has passed CryptoKitties for the first time as "the most actively traded NFT" [Non-Fungible Token].

Barry Silbert

Decentraland just topped CryptoKitties as the most actively traded NFT over the past week…

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What are NFTs? A non-fungible token represents something unique, like digital collectibles (CryptoKitties) or virtual land (Decentraland). The website notes this market is "heating up":

Marketplaces are heating up across several #NFT! @decentraland past week - $269,584 USD, @CryptoKitties past week……

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As this TechCrunch post explains, "the first and most prevalent NFT is the ERC-721 standard, primarily due to the success of CryptoKitties." Developers are using ERC-721 for "everything from digital collectibles to securitized investment products."

The ERC-721 standard rose to prominence with the rise of Crypto Kitties, one of the first blockchain games to reall……

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If you're wondering how to store nun-fungible tokens, there are special wallets for this. CoinDesk reported on a new one today, called Vault.


JUST IN: Vault wants to boost crypto adoption with its new iOS wallet that stores non-fungible tokens and other cry……

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The interesting thing about NFTs is that we're not done yet with token innovation. Loom Network, maker of the Zombie Battleground game, recently announced ERC721x - "an extension of ERC721 that adds support for multi-fungible tokens and batch transfers."

Loom Network

Today we're proud to open source the smart contract we used for Zombie Battleground card ownership.

ERC721x is an upgraded ERC721 that allowed us to reduce the cost of sending 2 million cards by 6000x, while maintaining full backward compatibility.…

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