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While Ethereum positions itself as a development platform for Dapps, it's often overlooked that developers are also experimenting on Bitcoin. Typically developer environments are being built as a "layer" on top of the Bitcoin blockchain. Lightning Labs is a prominent company doing this; its platform went live on the Bitcoin mainnet in March. Now, CEO Elizabeth Stark has announced a new version of its desktop app:

elizabeth stark

Today we're releasing our new Lightning app! New design, Neutrino light client, seed backup. ⚡️

The future of bitcoin is already here, it's just not evenly distributed. 😎…

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Get the lightning the app here. 👇…

Congrats to @tankredhase @vallywal @bvu @leegordon @roasbeef and our whole team!

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As this Twitter user points out, the main feature of the re-designed Lightning app is its easy-to-use UX:


I love how this is designed for the typical non-tech savy person in mind. Without ease of use there won’t be an eas……

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For now the app is only available to use on a Bitcoin test net, however mainnet release is promised "soon." In the meantime, you can download it and see how it works.

Lightning Labs⚡️

The new Lightning app, powered by the Neutrino light client. ⚡️

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So what does it do? Essentially the app is a digital wallet. According to Twitter user @cryptoauthorit, it can be used to "send fast & cheap #Bitcoin transactions." Being on the Lightning network means transactions happen faster than is normal for Bitcoin.

Crypto Authority

Lightning Labs have completely redesigned their 'Desktop App' and god does it look aesthetic.

If you're wanting to……

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The key for adoption though will be integrating the app into the tools most of us already use. As Dominic Reign says, wouldn't it be great if it was part of a future Apple announcement?

Dominic Reign

The new Apple iPhone comes with an integrated #lightning app wallet for storing your $BTC*

*This news is from the future


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