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The Ether token has come under tremendous price pressure lately, but that hasn't stopped the Ethereum development community from continuing to work on upgrading its platform. Nicknamed "Constantinople," the next major update (which will require a hard fork) is set to be released at the end of November 2018 after the DevCon4 conference.

As Bitcoin Magazine explained, the November upgrade will mainly focus on providing "improved flexibility for smart contract development." That's good news for prospective Web 3 startups. However, the scaling solutions much talked about in the Ethereum community - including sharding and casper - won't be a part of this upgrade. They're "still in the research phase and will not be addressed before the Serenity milestone which is not expected to be deployed to Ethereum until 2020 or later."

Still, the boss is happy:

Vitalik Non-giver of Ether

Great to see ongoing progress on Constantinople implementation!…

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Parity Technologies, which among other things runs a prominent Ethereum client, has already implemented the upgrade and is ready to test it.


Parity Ethereum finished implementing the Constantinople hardfork. Let's test this.…

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Let's get to the nitty gritty. If you're a developer looking for further technical details, Reddit has some useful links:

To really get into the weeds, check out the most recent Ethereum Core Devs Meeting (Constantinople Session #1):

Clearly there's lots for developers to get stuck into with Constantinople, but is it enough to quell nerves about the free-falling price of Ether? Julien Genestoux, whose Unlock protocol is built on Ethereum's platform, thinks price has little impact. Although he is worried about security implications if it continues to drop:

Jᵾlien Genestoux

Now, the only real impact would be on the "security" of the chain itself. I probably don't have a good answer but the question then becomes is the Ether price sustainable for miners? In which case, this applies to the whole ecosystem, not just us.

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