Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey discusses blockchain at Congress0.19

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey told a Congressional committee this week that the company is open to using blockchain technology. While he didn't specify how Twitter might use it, Dorsey told Congress that blockchain "has a lot of untapped potential, specifically around distributed trust and distributed enforcement potentially." 


DORSEY ON BLOCKCHAIN: Twitter CEO tells House committee that social media giant has "people thinking about" blockch……

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Of course a great use case for blockchain on Twitter would be to solve the problem of scammers - bot accounts that impersonate prominent members of the crypto community, in order to scam cryptocurrency out of unsuspecting people. Just ask "Vitalik Non-giver of Ether" how much of a constant, ongoing hassle this is:

Vitalik Non-giver of Ether

I do wish @elonmusk's first tweet about ethereum was about the tech rather than the twitter scambots........

@jack help us please? Or someone from the ETH community make a layer 2 scam filtering solution, please?…

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So how could blockchain be potentially used by Twitter? Here's one interesting idea:

Matt Case 🚀

What’s that you say @jack? #blockchain you say? Oh good I’m invested and ready. Which network are you going with? I……

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Civic founder Vinny Lingham thinks he has a solution to sell Jack:

Vinny Lingham

“We’re going to reinvent the wheel” :-)…

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We'll have to wait on more details from Twitter. In the meantime, don't give any ETH to scammers like this:

Vitalik Non-giver of Ether

@VitalikButerin Dear community. Dont miss this new opportunity sponsored by

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