More Excitement in Q3 of 2018 as Bitfinex Is Working on A Decentralized Exchange Built on EOS129.22

Just yesterday, Ethereum World News wrote about how the Tron (TRX) Community was excited on the possibility of TRXMarket launching a Decentralized Exchange for future tokens created on the Tron Network. The same TRXMarket is also running for election as a Super Representative further proving that it will be independent of Justin Sun and the Tron Foundation. This is as it should be; when we remember that the Tron project wants to decentralize the web.

When the article containing the above information was posted on Reddit, one Redditor was quick to point out that EOS and Bitfinex were collaborating to build a decentralized exchange. The exact words of Redditor NickT300 were as follows:

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