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There is no magic indicator, person, paid group or system that can transform you into a consistently profitable trader. Every indicator that has been made was made by someone for THEMSELVES, they used it to fix or enhance a certain aspect of their trading system/style.

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People ask what type of set up I use, what indicators I'm using, targets etc. This approach to trading, trying to merely copy someone elses style of trading will always lead to inferior results. There are a multitude of factors especially in a 24h market that effect your system.

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In order to become a profitable trader you must first understand yourself:

What type of conditions do you perform best in?

What timezone and volatility do you have the best results in?

What indicators confirm or deny your bias?

Which STYLE of trading fits you the best?

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If you don't understand what I'm talking about, or think there's only one style of trading (directional) then take a step back from the market and research just how markets work. Understand who and what you are trading against, then formulate a strategy that suits you best.

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I know what conditions my style preforms best in. I know which timezones I want to look for entries in. I know how to react when volatility is High and low. I always have predetermined entries and exits. If this does not sound like your trading, then you're not even in the game.

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People often comment that I go MIA during dumps and are very active during pumps. That's because I realize I'm much better at buying bottoms than selling tops. Instead of over trading and trying catch every move, I take a step back and identify areas where I want to buy.

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There are funds in traditional finance set up to take advantage of every type of market strategy. Risk arbitrage, volatility, buy side, sell side Etc.

Instead of trying to catch every single bitcoin top and bottom and bleeding capital, formulate a system that gives you an edge.

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The algorithms and "Big boys" are here and will continue to pile into this market as the years go by, and competition will increase.

But hey, keep trading that RSI divergence buddy! I hope your stick around for as long as possible because I will gladly take your money.


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