News of the Day - July 24th, 20180.03

It's July 24th and here are some of the most important crypto-headlines for today.

The SEC Delays Decision on Bitcoin ETFs

The crypto world has been buzzing about the potential for a Bitcoin ETF to emerge soon. Exchange-traded-funds (ETFs) would be a huge boom to the Bitcoin market and would bring a swarm of new investors due to Bitcoin's newfound legitimacy if it were to happen. However, the SEC has decided to postpone their decision on five different Bitcoin ETFs until September according to a document revealed today. 

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Bitcoin Bulls Continue Their Run as BTC Reaches 2-Month High 

It certainly has been a good month for Bitcoin. With rumors swelling over the potential Bitcoin ETFs, Bitcoin has skyrocketed in value to reach as high as $8300 today. Bitcoin dominance is also the highest it has been since November of 2017. 

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UK Central Bank Says New Payments System Will Be Blockchain Friendly 

Reuters reports that soon the UK Central Bank will make efforts to integrate its payment systems into blockchain. This comes from an overall push to update many of these old technologies. The report said that the use of blockchain would allow the UK Central Bank to handle payments directly, rather than through a client-third party system.

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South Korea's Second Largest Telecomm Company Launches Its Own Commercial Blockchain

South Korea has been finding itself admidst some good news lately when it comes to crypto. Aside from overturning many of the crypto bans from last year, much of its digital sector is experimenting with blockchain technology. Indeed, South Korea looks to be one of the best-positioned leaders poised to utilize this technology for everyday use. 

KT Corporation, the South Korean company in question, may become the first telecom in the world to set up a commercial network based on the blockchain technology. The KT Corporation even has its own blockchain sector as part of the KT institute, and they claim they will be able to reach 100,000 transactions per second by next year.

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And that's a wrap for today. 

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