Nano Community Feeds Multiple Venezuelan Families With Minor Donation Spree42.21

A few days ago, an interesting story began to surface on Reddit. It was explained that a 0.5 NANO donation was worth more than the average monthly wage in Venezuela. That story has evolved in a positive direction, as the user receiving a donation in that amount successfully bought over 100 kilograms of food using the cryptocurrency. The seller of the goods accepted Nano as payment, simply because dealing with the bolivar makes no sense at this time.

Although a one-off donation of 0.5 NANO to someone in Venezuela isn’t exactly big news, the cascading effect it’s had is a different matter. Given the financial issues plaguing Venezuela right now, it is a perfect opportunity for cryptocurrencies to make their mark on this country. For Nano, it seems an initiative by just one individual is already planting seeds of change throughout the region.

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