The 2018 Crypto-Bear Market Less Severe Than 2014, At Least for Now112.45

Bitcoin prices back in 2013 touched a high of $1,236 per BTC on December 4, and following that spike the price dropped for more than a year, all the way to $225 per coin on June 1, 2015. Last year in 2017 the price of BTC ran up higher, but this time reached $19,600 per coin, and it has lost considerable value since then. At the moment mainstream media (MSM) is reporting on how people who bought at the height in 2017 have lost quite a bit of their investment, but MSM has failed to report that this year’s dip is less, percentage wise, than the losses in 2013 and the extent of $19K to $6K loss has been far less severe.

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