Sesterce Mining, the new rising startup in the crypto mining universe

Sesterce began with the initiative of two French entrepreneurs from southern France, Anthony Tchakerian and Youssef El Manssouri, who decided, after a year of intense research and study on the mining industry and the dynamics of the market, to launch their own company: Sesterce. The ambitious project is very rapidly noticed and, with the support of the Family (**look it up), Sesterce started to soar in October 2018. The vision is clear, and the goal is simple, becoming industry leaders in the mining industry by selling hardware and offering investment solutions and consulting services to clients worldwide.

Sesterce managed to distinguish itself from competitors by compromising both the most attractive prices on the market and the largest catalogue of products, which resulted in a substantial product list available for purchase on their website, at the most competitive prices out there. They are notorious for always staying up to date and keeping track of the latest innovations lead by renowned manufacturers such as Bitmain and InnoSilicon.

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