A Huge Data Breach Fine Against British Airways Is a Warning to Global Execs14

Ever since sweeping new data privacy rules took effect in Europe last year, business leaders and privacy advocates alike having been watching and waiting to see which unfortunate business would be the first hit with the massively enhanced fines—up to 4% of global revenues—the law now allows.Well, on Monday, we all got the answer: Britain’s top data cop proposed fining British Airways 183 million pounds for losing about 500,000 customers’ data during a breach in August. The fine is equivalent to 1.5% of BA’s worldwide revenue in 2017, or about 4 pounds for every passenger the airline is expected to fly this year.

If the same breach had occurred before May 2018, when the old law was still in effect, the maximum fine the British data regulator could have handed out was just 500,000 pounds.

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