Stock Picking, It's Mental4

Before we get to the main subject, I want to once again say it's time to start the process of trimming. Over the last few weeks, I expect that the lot of you have spent down most if not all of your cash hoard. At this point, if you are following along, you should be looking ahead to the Fed meeting. There might be bumps along the way too since this week marks the beginning of earnings season.

The Fed meeting is fixing to transfix the market from here on. The idea that if the market does not get the quarter-point cut all hell will break loose is the current narrative. Larry Kudlow was just quoted as stating that Powell "Should take back the December hike." As if that is all that there is, to quote the President, that prevents the "economy from taking off like a rocket ship." This is revisionist thinking, the market tanked and the economy wobbled because Powell said he was going to continue raising. If he would have said one and done, we would have been okay, IMHO.

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