Cryptonized: How One Month At My Internship Converted Me Into A Believer In Everipedia & Blockchain

It has always been a dream of mine to come to Los Angeles. As someone who has always followed the latest trends, there is no better place to be than the city where culture is created and spread worldwide. This past year, I was looking for internships in LA when I came across Everipedia. As I researched them, they publicly positioned themselves as a modern and inclusive version of Wikipedia. When I spoke to one of their executives on the phone, he simply described it as the wiki of up and coming topics in culture. I was intrigued to say the least, but what made Everipedia even more interesting is how they were leveraging blockchain technology on their platform in a way that had never been tried before with the $IQ token. It didn’t take me too much time for me to decide that Everipedia was the place for me to be and I was excited for what awaited in the City of Angels!

During my first week, my supervisor David Liebowitz assigned me to create Everipedia entries for things I already cared about. So I went at it, authoring pages for YouTubers and influencers such as Jeff Wittek, Noel Miller, and Niki and Gabi. It was easy for me because I was genuinely interested in what I was writing about. Something that I barely noticed was at the same time, I was earning cryptocurrency from my editorial efforts. In theory, if I want to I could trade IQ for BTC and then BTC for dollars; a nice bonus for broke students like me that need a little pocket change. After reflecting on my time at Everipedia so far, the biggest question I asked myself is how do more people not know about this?

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