Crucial Price Targets to Overcome for 6 Top Currencies16

Based on the current overall cryptocurrency momentum, one would expect most of the alternative markets to reach much higher values. So far, that has not been the case, albeit it remains to be seen how things will evolve exactly. The following coins all have a major value milestone looming around the corner. Overcoming these “psychological hurdles” will prove very challenging, although nothing is impossible.

While a lot of long-term Ethereum speculators will have to wait for ETGH to hit $1,200 again, overcoming the key resistance near $350 will be the first order of business. So far, things look very promising, as the popular market has noted strong gains all week long. However, those final bits are often the hardest to overcome. Based on the current market momentum, surpassing $350 might take a little bit longer than traders would like to see. The price briefly spiked to over $350 for a few seconds already, thus anything is possible.

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