June Corindex Analytics of top 10 Blockchains

The top 10 crypto assets are responsible for Lion’s share of both transaction volume and market capitalization in the cryptocurrency sphere. Therefore, it’s not inaccurate to claim that the changes to the blockchain wallet statuses of the top 10 cryptocurrencies accurately represent and shed light on the overall state of the cryptocurrency market. This data can be collected by analyzing each cryptocurrency blockchain separately and developing a set of indicators to accurately reflect upon the state of the cryptocurrency market and tell the story of what has transpired during the analyzed period. June 2019 cryptocurrencies transactions and activity Corindex crypto report does just that, aiming to supply you with the most relevant and crucial information on the blockchain trends and development. The report is split into nine chapters, each of which is dedicated to a particular indicator and its performance over 3 different time periods: 24 hours, 7 days and 1 month. Combined they allow for accurate assessment of the blockchain performance and activity.

Currency transaction volume indicator is perhaps the most definitive mean of assessing the popularity of a particular currency as well as defining just how much use it actually sees. Furthermore, it can be used to track the progress of a particular blockchain, as most cryptocurrencies are designed to be utilized, not hoarded. Thus, the positive dynamics in the volume of the particular coin may indicate a rapidly developing product and well thought-out use case, even if the price is currently lagging behind.

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