Major Caution Is Advised On Grayscale Ethereum Trust

With the cryptocurrency markets going wild again, there is major fear-of-missing-out taking place again as many speculators scramble to buy a position before the price rises further. However, buying cryptocurrencies through a normal exchange is a process that can easily take several days, as you may need to sell positions in your normal brokerage account, wait for the funds to settle, withdraw, wire the funds to your cryptocurrency exchange and only then buy a position – and in a crazy bull market, the price by that time may be drastically higher than when you originally wanted to get in.

That's not to mention the huge fees that cryptocurrency exchanges usually have compared to ordinary stockbrokers, which are usually somewhere in the region of 1% or more of the total value of the position in a round-trip trade (vastly higher than a flat fee of only around $10 per 100 shares with brokers like Fidelity or Schwab, or only $1 per 100 shares with Interactive Brokers, for example).

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