Xiaolai Li90

Xiaolai Li is the most popular cryptocurrency multimillionaire in China. He was born in the 1970s and began his career as a salesman. He then ventured into teaching English in China, which allowed him to public two bestselling books on time management and English vocabulary. He has now retired from teaching after becoming the first Chinese individual to publicly collect bitcoins without anonymity. 

In 2011, he started mining and investing in bitcoin. He is an investor in ASICminer, a Chinese mining company reputed to make tens of millions by making specialized miners. In 2013, he founded Bitfund, a venture capital firm related to cryto-currency in China. He also established Yunbi, an exchange based in China that now serves as the 7th largest exchange in the world by trading volume. The exchange also trades several tokens and currencies backed by Li, including EOS, Qtum, and Siacoin. He serves as advisor for Decentraland a platform that promises ‘a virtual reality world where users can buy and build on parcels of land.” As of now Li seems to be surging in China’s cryptocurrency sphere as its largest investors, having recently launches another capital fund, INBlockchain. With reports of owning well over 100,000 bitcoins, Li is China’s unstoppable cryptocurrency force.

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