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Ethereum Should Be Like Nature —Outside of Human Control10
Just over a decade ago, when I was a freelance journalist, three police officers from the Greater Manchester police terrorism unit came knocking at my door. When I asked why they had shown up at my flat, they told me they wanted to talk to me about the book I was in the middle of writing. Not the kind of thing you’d expect to hear in a democracy, where the writing of books should never be the conc...
‘Tectonic Shift’: CasperLabs Nabs Ethereum Developer Vlad Zamfir18
CasperLabs announced that Ethereum developer Vlad Zamfir, the creator of CBC Casper, will be coming on as their lead architect. CasperLabs is working on a proof-of-stake blockchain. They don’t have much else about them out there; their website is still in landing page mode. Zamfir is the authority on CBC Casper. CBC stands for “correct-by-construction.” Vitalik Buterin explains it like this: CBC C...
RChain Cooperative May Need to Liquidate RHOC Holdings to Remain Solvent114
An analysis of the Cooperative’s October balance sheet suggests the organization is insolvent with its liabilities greatly exceeding its liquid assets. To meet its liabilities, the organization may need to liquidate a large portion of its RHOC holdings or find another way to renegotiate or refinance its obligations, giving credence to allegations that the organization is “functionally bankrupt.”
The Daily: Wallet Hacking Debate Heats Up, Bitcoin-Based Patreon Alternative Emerges
To kickstart the weekend, we’ve curated a handful of short but compelling stories from across the crypto sphere. First up, we’ll revisit the fallout from Wallet Fail’s demonstration of hardware wallet cracking. We’ll then move on to a Patreon alternative that’s powered by cryptocurrency and a viral tweetstorm about everything that’s allegedly wrong with Ethereum.
RChain cooperative ‘functionally bankrupt’ after questionable deals, with investors and developers losing faith-5.28
RHOC was an investors’ dream. Ranking 30th on CoinMarketCap and led by an all-star team including Vlad Zamfir, the coin was well on its way to stardom as the token behind RChain – the blockchain platform hoping to rival Ethereum. No doubt it stood out among the likes of Tezos and EOS, focusing on implementing the first proof-of-stake validation and eventually hosting multiple decentralized apps (D...
Ethereum Researchers Unveil Casper Draft Whitepaper, Crucial For Scalability19.38
Just days after Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of the Ethereum Foundation, discussed the “Serenity Protocol” in front of Devcon4’s crowd of thousands, a consortium of four crypto researchers unveiled a draft whitepaper pertaining to CBC (Correct-By-Construction) Casper, which aims to solve Ethereum’s scalability concerns through Proof of Stake (PoS).
How Sharding on The Ethereum Network Might Be Around the Corner1.79
From a crypto-trader’s point of view, the best digital asset to short in the past few days was Ethereum (ETH). The digital asset had many of its fans and HODLers grabbing onto their seats as they watched it systematically decline in value from $300 only two weeks ago, to levels below $171 three days ago. Many thought the decline was due to the general bear market, but few knew that the days of Eth...
Vlad Zamfir Codes Sharding Prototype, What it Means for Ethereum Scalability144.28
Ethereum researcher and developer Vlad Zamfir has created the first successful proof-of-concept of second-layer scaling solution Sharding with developers Tim Beiko and John Marling. At ETH Berlin, one of the world’s largest Ethereum hackathons, Zamfir said in an interview with Rachel Rose O’Leary at Coindesk that Ethereum developers will be able to run the proof-of-concept … Continued