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Everyone’s Talking About Security Tokens But No One’s Trading Them
There’s a party happening right now and everyone’s invited. The music’s playing, the fridge is loaded and the bathtub’s full of ice. All the ingredients for the sickest soiree are in place. There’s just one problem: the guests have yet to arrive. Welcome to the world of security tokens, where you can tokenize anything you like, but making it tradable is another matter entirely.
Trump Twitter Tantrum Could Trigger 20% Stock Market Crash20.4
By CCN: The Obama administration pioneered the use of social media to engage directly with the American public, but President Trump’s unprecedented Twitter antics have proven that social media can manipulate the stock market just as much as it can be used to sway the mythical undecided voter. Since taking office in 2017, Donald Trump has frequently used Twitter to fuel stock market rallies and stu...
Quantum Computing Is Coming for Crypto4
Back in January, IBM announced its Q System One, a still-experimental device that serves as a sort of “stepping stone” to quantum computing, according to the Verge. But even if quantum computing—which has the potential to massively increase informational processing potential by using a quantum phenomenon called superposition—isn’t a reality yet, it’s worth considering how much of a threat this tec...
The Start and Future of Baer Chain’s Million Ecology Project8.4
Recently, Baer Chain Singapore officially announced that they will start a million ecology project to cooperate with the upcoming beta version in the main network, and also start super node’s campaign registration. Baer Chain’s Token – BRC is affected by this news and continues to rise, it value gains over 35% in one single day. We conducted an exclusive interview with Vincent, the founder of Baer...
2018: A Review of the the First Year of the DApps: the Anecdotes You Know and Don’t Know (Part I)
Author’s Note: if you have not read the first article DappReview published on Medium, we recommend you go read it first. It’s a long read but definitely worthy. Not that you by now don’t understand what’s written in that article (which back then was quite novel or even mind-blown), but you would find the side-by-side comparison between that article and this quite interesting. Kind of a way to revi...
Flying HYGH-1.16
The team behind the future of advertising along with the founders; Vincent Müller, Fritz Frey & Antonius Link will be flying HYGH this month with stops in Dubai (20th – 25th October), Qatar (26th – 27th October) and London (28th – 30th October).   
Australian Science Agency (CSIRO) Successfully Tests Blockchain Settlement System13.32
The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) just released the results of a test they performed on a blockchain network they created in cooperation with the University of Sydney. According to an announcement that CSIRO made after the test was completed, their new blockchain network can process 30,000 international transactions per second.
Dogecoin Traders Remain Optimistic a New Bounce Will Materialize Soon1.84
These are interesting times for the cryptocurrency industry as a whole. Although no real upward momentum can be sustained as of right now, there is still plenty of excitement across the different markets. The Dogecoin price, for example, is stuck in the dirt for the time being. However, with key technical supports almost being reached, there is a likely chance a new bounce will materialize fairly ...