Paul Snow2

Paul Snow is the co-founder and CEO of Factom Inc as well as the inventor of the Factom protocol. In 2013 he began as an organizer of Passing Bitcoin Around the World, an event that raised awareness about and demonstrated the power of Bitcoin. After this, in the same year, he became President and founded the Texas Bitcoin Conference, which he annually chairs. The Conference brings several interests of the cryptocurrency community. He has also testified before the US Congress about Bitcoin and blockchain technology. 

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Meet Voatz, the blockchain company tackling election fraud
As the midterm elections have come and gone, voter fraud and suppression has continued to be an issue and hot topic item for Florida, Arizona, and Georgia. Claims and lawsuits are being dealt with in these crucial states as officials attempt to sort out the chaos. However, a preliminary test with mobile election system Voatz is trying to find a solution to these problems before they arise.