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Blockchain Phone Fail: Start-up Sirin Labs, Lays off 25% of its Staff32.4
By Sirin Labs, founders of the Finney blockchain phone are making 15 of their 60-person team redundant, as crypto winter bites back with sales of its flagship device “less than expected”. The market may be showing some positive signs as bitcoin, ethereum and others made strong gains in April, but the bear market continues to show its teeth, claiming the scalp of another start-up. Sirin La...
Tel Aviv Court Gives Moshe Hogeg 30 Days to Settle $4M Lawsuit
Moshe Hogeg, the co-founder and chairman of venture capital investment fund Singulariteam, and the alleged head of Stox Technologies, has been given 30 days to settle with a Chinese investor. The disgruntled investor has brought a 17 million Israeli new shekels (approximately $4.23 million) lawsuit against Hogeg for allegedly misappropriating several million dollars worth of funds raised through t...
Israeli businessman Moshe Hogeg faces lawsuits following alleged misappropriation of ICO proceeds
Israeli blockchain entrepreneur and CEO of blockchain smartphone startup Sirin Labs Moshe Hogeg is facing a number of lawsuits, CoinDesk reports. Hogeg has been accused of fraud in a NIS 17 million (approximately $4.7 million) lawsuit by Chinese businessman Zhewen Hu. According to a local news outlet, the Tel Aviv court has given Hogeg 30 days to reach an agreement with Hu, and the time runs out o...
Crypto Investor Sues Investment Firm Over $2 Million of Worthless Ethereum Tokens
A cryptocurrency investor is suing an investment firm for giving him advice that led to the loss of his investment. Per a legal filing published on February 1 in a United States district court in New York, Lijun Sun, a Chinese investor based in California, was duped into making a $2 million investment in digital asset MCash, by a New York-based investment firm Blue Ocean Capital Group.
The Daily: Bakkt Shares BTC Futures Details, Kucoin Adds Grin Trading Pairs
In the first weekend edition of The Daily, crypto exchange Kucoin lists Mimblewimble coin Grin, giving it several trading pairs, and Bakkt releases product details about its upcoming futures contracts. Also, a Chinese investor sues a famous Israeli crypto entrepreneur for alleged fraud, while Malta issues a warning about a get-rich-quick “Bitcoin Revolution” scam.