Justin Tabb11

Justin Tabb founded and is a solutions architect for Substratum, a blockchain services provider that seeks to deliver free and fair internet through the power of decentralized web. He also serves a managing partner for  overridePRO which was founded in 2004 to deliver digital solutions in Graphic/Web Design and Web Development. Before this, he served as a senior software developer for Lakeland regional health florida. He graduated from the University of Phoenix in 2008. 

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The second ICO as a Last Resort? Or Just Another Fundraising Round?
The original purpose of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) was to take away the monopoly of fundraising from stock exchanges and brokerage firms. It is ‘relatively easy’ to set up an ICO funding round, as there is no extensive regulatory framework to abide by as opposed to launching an Initial Public Offering (IPO). ICOs often include individual investors as well as larger institutional investors.