Joseph Lubin106

Joseph Lubin is a Canadian distributed database entrepreneur. He helped cofound Ethereum and ConsenSys, a software production studio. As of 2018, Forbes estimates his net worth to be somewhere between one to five billion dollars. 

Lubin completed his education in Princeton University, having studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He went on to become Chief Operating Engineer of Ethereum Switzerland GmbH to extend the blockchain database established by Blockchain. This led to him being an important founding member of the Ethereum Foundation. He founded ConsenSys in 2015. More recently, Lubin has been involved with finding solutions to issues of governance within the blockchain industry. 

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Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) Will Enable Faster Decision Making Tools For Leaders
We live in a world where technology is moving forward faster than ever. Blockchain, AI, DAOs, and Soft robotics, are some examples of disruptive technologies becoming adopted slowly by society to make their lives easier. People can argue in favor or against it about its ethical problem of taking away jobs. One thing is certain, it is a little late to stop it, you can only take advantage of it.
The Man Who Predicted the Crypto Market Bottom Right4.8
It is difficult to accurately predict the price trend of highly volatile assets like cryptocurrencies. One could attempt at least to predict a near-possible scenario based on the cryptocurrency’s valuation based on available financial strategies. It is – though – not clear which theory Joseph Lubin, a prominent blockchain pioneer, applied to the bitcoin market. But what’s evident is that his predi...
Joseph Lubin: Tether’s Rivals to Gain Traction amid Bitfinex ‘Mess’16.8
By CCN: The Bitfinex “mess” won’t be resolved anytime soon, charged Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin. His comments, which came on Thursday, come after a New York Supreme Court judge scathingly criticized the NY Attorney General who filed an injunction against Bitfinex and Tether. The office, led by AG Letitia James, contends Bitfinex and Tether committed fraud when it handled the hack that led to ...
Justin Sun, Co-founder Tron (TRX): “Chinese Companies Must Put in 5X the Effort to subvert Public Perception”
The supreme objective of NEO and Tron is to make the blockchain future better, faster, secure and useful. Although NEO is unfairly described as the “Ethereum of China”, it should be observed and noted that objective of Da Hang is to create a smart economy based on the blockchain. It rightfully deserves it position as an alternative, smart contracting platform and a worthy competitor of Ethereum, n...
Bitcoin Price Vulnerable Despite 2019 High, Traders Predict Plummet to $4,20022.2
By In the past 24 hours, the bitcoin price spiked by nearly five percent from $5,580 to $5,880, surpassing $5,900 at the day’s peak, fueling the cryptocurrency market. The abrupt increase in the bitcoin price was supported by a noticeable increase in daily bitcoin spot volume estimated to be around $570 million as of May 7 by OnChainFX. In comparison, the daily bitcoin spot volume in earl...
Ethereum co-founder predicted the bottom for bitcoin, the future looks bright for crypto78
Joseph Lubin, the co-founder of Ethereum and one of the crypto titans, accurately called the bottom of the 2018 bear market. Amidst the mass layoffs and restructuring of ConsenSys, and contrary to the “epic amount of fear, uncertainty, and doubt” in the market, Lubin asserted the industry has a “very bright” and exciting future.
Insiders: Ethereum Development Consortium ConsenSys Seeking $200M2
2018’s Bitcoin bear market hasn’t been kind to industry startups. Save for a few exceptions in Binance and BitMEX, crypto companies got slammed across the board. South Korean exchange giant Bithumb, for instance, was reported to have lost $180 million over 2018, partially as a result of a brutal hack that likely lost the platform business in large quantities.
TCRParty Wants to Pay You for Finding the Smartest People on Twitter2
Early last month, a deceptively simple novelty called TCRParty emerged from the bowels of Joseph Lubin’s ConsenSys. In a nutshell, TCRParty is a popularity contest—a list of 99 top Crypto Twitter accounts that are regularly retweeted by the core account @TCRPartyBot. But the list isn’t compiled by an individual or a committee: Instead, literally anyone can start a TCRParty account, then use crypto...
Ethereum Won’t Fail: Joseph Lubin20.4
It’s no secret Ethereum was among the hardest hit coins during the crypto winter after a tough year of regulatory uncertainty surrounding security tokens and ICOs. If anyone should seem worried, it would be blockchain pioneer Joseph Lubin, whose company ConsenSys is an incubator for Ethereum projects. Yet, he couldn’t appear further from losing sleep. Lubin was featured as the Interactive Keynote ...
Wall Street Crypto Insider: Ethereum Futures Would Create Healthy Markets
Last year, as the crypto market stumbled, ErisX, instantly deemed a potential competitor to Bakkt, was unveiled to the desperate Bitcoin community. Yet, since the American upstart first hit headlines, the company, who has strategic partnerships with Bitmain, ConsenSys, Digital Currency Group, Nasdaq, TD Ameritrade, among other groups, has released scant public information about its operations.
The Unshakeable Faith of Jimmy Song6
The midweek work crowd rushes in and out noisily at Caffé Medici, a hip single-origin downtown Austin coffee house shouting distance from the state capitol building. Everything here—from the boisterous business-casual crowd to the slightly-too-loud acoustic music to the worn-leather couch and frayed rug—feels like it’s straining for calm but failing. In this din, Jimmy Song stands out, not just be...
Crypto Tidbits: BitGo Launches Bitcoin Trading, Ethereum’s Lubin Joins ErisX, Cryptopia Hacked6
Although Bitcoin (BTC) and its crypto asset brethren have effectively stabilized, seeing little-to-zero movement, this industry’s startups have continued to make strides in an array of directions. Some preeminent companies made monumental steps forward, while others took devastating steps back. Regardless, the bottom line is that the crypto sector hasn’t slowed, contrary to sentiment touted by cyn...
Legendary Investor: Bitcoin (BTC) May Bottom In 2019, Bullish Phase Incoming
Fred Wilson, a leading venture capitalist and the co-founder of world-renowned Union Square Ventures, which holds shares in Twitter, Tumblr, and Kickstarter, recently took to his well-recognized blog to talk market outlooks for 2019. After discussing macroeconomics, touching on the recent news with the U.S. Federal Reserve, the China/America trade dispute, and the stock market tumult, the crypto-f...
Crypto Tidbits: Facebook May Launch Stablecoin, Ethereum Developer ConsenSys In Throes3.08
As the crypto market bounced en bloc, this industry’s news cycle has been starting to look lively yet again. Rob Paone, better known as “Crypto Bobby,” recently explained that this week’s industry developments have been “big,” and in stark contrast to prices, insiders continue to “hunker down” to build bonafide valuable products, platforms, and services.
Consensys’ Wild Ideas and Squandered Funds Has Led to Major Layoffs
Ethereum incubator Consensys is to cut 50 to 60 percent of its employees. The blockchain software company has already laid off 13 percent of its workforce in order to survive the bear market. According to one source, lack of product, wild ideas and an inability to sell technologies has made Consensys’ position financially precarious. As a result, Consensys will need to make further cuts.
CoinDesk Advisor: Crypto, Bitcoin (BTC) Valuation Models Are Wrong10.81
Michael Casey, the chairman of CoinDesk’s advisory board, a well-recognized author, and the co-founder of Network Effects Media, sat down with Cheddar, an up and coming business media outlet, on Thursday. The crypto-friendly outlet called on the industry insider to discuss the state of the crypto industry today, and a number of unique topics were brought to the table.
US Congressman is Working On a Bill To Exempt ICOs and Cryptos From Securities Laws2.85
United States Congressman Warren Davidson from Ohio has announced plans of introducing legislation that will regulate ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) and cryptocurrencies as a different asset class thus exempting them from current securities laws. Mr. Davidson represents Ohio’s 8th District and can be considered as a voice of reason when it comes to the topic of crypto and ICO regulation in the Unit...
Exclusive: ConsenSys Letter to Staff Details Major Strategy Shift-3.24
ConsenSys is reorganizing. The sprawling company, which is working to build an internet of decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain, has entered a new phase called ConsenSys 2.0, which its leadership says will be marked by greater efficiency, accountability, and attention to revenue. Underperforming projects will get the axe, and the arm of ConsenSys that oversees venture investment w...
Ethereum devs working on secret upgrade to solve its scaling woes22.68
A small group of Ethereum developers had a rendezvous to discuss a previously undisclosed upgrade that could streamline the scaling of the blockchain. The solution will purportedly be called “Ethereum 1x,” but the developers are reluctant to share more details as it is still too early-stage, people familiar with the matter told CoinDesk. Among other people, co-founders Vitalik Buterin and Joseph L...
Ethereum is a Few Years from ‘Profound Decentralization’ — But That’s OK: Co-Founder Joseph Lubin38.9
Blockchain technology will power a monumental shift in society from a “scarcity to an abundance mindset.” These were the words of Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin speaking last week at the Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal. Lubin’s Blockchain Impact Theory Delivering his keynote address at the event, Lubin, who is also the co-founder of Ethereum development
Ethereum Cofounder Anthony Di Iorio Loves Decentralization—But Loves Running the Show More-7.7
Anthony Di Iorio is one of the eight cofounders of Ethereum—and arguably one of the most integral members of that much-lauded group. In 2012, he founded the Toronto Bitcoin Meetup, where he met a young man named Vitalik Buterin. Di Iorio’s crypto hub, Decentral, gave birth to one of the earliest user-friendly bitcoin wallets, and is also where he eventually teamed up with fellow Ethereum cofounder...
ConsenSys-Led Ethereum Tools Truffle, Infura & MetaMask Hit Milestones32.87
Ethereum co-creator Joseph Lubin-led ConsenSys, the largest blockchain software development firm in the world based in New York, has created three of the most widely utilized Ethereum products over the last several years. To many new cryptocurrency users and investors, ConsenSys, which houses nearly 1,000 developers, is unrecognized. But, day-to-day users of various blockchain projects
Weekly Crypto Roundup: Roubini Vs Buterin, Bithumb Sells Stake, Coinbase Lists First ERC-20 Token0.83
When one of the biggest Bitcoin critics had his day to testify before Congress, the crypto world knew it would be brutal. Popularly known as Dr. Doom, Nouriel Roubini held nothing back as he attacked crypto, but it was the aftermath that was even more exciting. Roubini called out the industry’s most renowned personality, Vitalik Buterin and the back-and-forth could end in a debate between the two....
Dr. Doom Calls Buterin a Scammer, Ethereum’s Creator Shoots Back Revealing His Possessions-3.18
It is not a secret that the crypto community is divided into two parts, the first is actively supporting digital currencies, while the other one is zealously criticizing cryptos. One of the most prominent figures of the latter is an american economist Nouriel Roubini, known for predicting the most recent global financial crisis and called Dr. Doom. He has criticized the crypto industry quite long,...
Cryptocurrency is the ‘Natural Evolution’ of Money: Ethereum Co-Founder Joseph Lubin85.06
ConsenSys founder and Ethereum co-creator Joseph Lubin recently expressed his thoughts on the “equal waves of fascination and skepticism” concerning cryptocurrency, in a Quartz op-ed published on Sept. 25. Lubin referenced a number of historical antidotes to assert that society has always been a bit skeptical towards those who come up with new concepts of money … Continued
Trust Machine: a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Documentary You Don’t Want to Miss9.64
While that we have heard a lot of blockchain and cryptocurrency in the recent past, there is actually a documentary called ‘Trust Machine’ that presents the in and out of this industry! Trust Machine is not just any other piece of a story, but a meticulously crafted drama which unfolds a real-time history of all the events occurring in this space.
ConsenSys Has Begun Using Ethereum to Supply Electricity to Texas333.49
Grid+, a blockchain startup operated by ConsenSys, the largest blockchain software company in the world operated by Ethereum co-creator Joseph Lubin, has successfully started to supply electricity to its clients in Texas. Milestone Reached: Grid+ Texas has begun flowing power to its first four customers! — Grid+ (@gridplus_energy) September 21, 2018 Through the use of
A Market In Recovery – Ethereum, Monero and Tezos Lead As Most Cryptos Reverse Downward Trend1.5
It hasn’t been the best month for cryptocurrencies, with the market shedding as much as $50 billion in the first two weeks of September alone. For some like Ethereum, the month has been outright brutal, with the most valuable altcoin registering its lowest price of the year at just over $170. However, the trend is slowly reversing and the market is seeing consistent green, with most cryptos regain...
Wyoming’s Crypto Cowboys: First State Hackathon Lures 27 Teams10.75
Over nearly three days on the University of Wyoming campus in Laramie, more than two dozen hacker teams competed for cash and prizes in the state’s first ever Wyohackathon: Breakin’ Through. Organized by the Wyoming Blockchain Coalition, the event included speakers from industry luminaries, and all three of the state’s gubernatorial candidates made an appearance.
Ryan Sean Adams Counters Ethereum FUD With Success of Maker14.68
As Ethereum faces intense pressure from bearish market forces, a number of distinctive faces within the cryptocurrency community have been making comments to counter the overall FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) sentiment seen in September. Ryan Sean Adams, the founder of crypto asset investment company MythosCapital, took to Twitter to remind its followers that Ethereum is being used for real-life a...
2018 Cryptocurrency Price Correction Very Similar to the Biggest 2014: Enthusiast Theory6.81
For the last two weeks cryptocurrency token assets have been sold rigorously with the bears having their saying. Truth to be told the trip to deep-dive the market has taken since its all-time highs in Dec-Jan. It is by no doubt very frustrating for new comers and even for those longer in the game as the whole concept seemed very promising and gold-crazing hyped in the beginning.
Ethereum Co-Founder: Crypto is Seeing Huge Amount of Activity, Tremendous Growth20.34
The cryptocurrency industry has undoubtedly been through a lot over the better part of the past decade. Whether it may be the regulatory scrutiny or the multiple 90% price corrections, it would be appropriate to say that longtime proponents have really seen it all. And although the collective value of all crypto assets recently underwent a drastic decline, there are some veterans that are still ke...
Joseph Lubin Differs With Fellow Ethereum Co-Founder Vitalik Buterin on the Industry’s Growth Capacity1.39
Has the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry hit a glass ceiling? Are the days of unprecedented overnight growth for startups in the industry behind us? This is something not even two of the biggest names in the crypto industry can see eye to eye on. Just two days ago, Ethereum’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin expressed his belief that the days of “1,000-times growth” had come to an end. However, hi...
Vitalik Buterin Proclaims an End to Explosive Growth as ETH Values Plummet: How Will Ethereum Recover?41.14
Ethereum prices have plummeted over the last week, experiencing a drop in value of over 30% amidst a bloodbath that has shaved $50 billion off the cumulative cryptocurrency market cap. With ETH prices hovering around the $200 mark, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin announced the end of the age explosive growth within the cryptocurrency industry.
ConsenSys’ Joseph Lubin and Amanda Gutterman Discuss Civil Partnership at TechCrunch Disrupt10.86
Joseph Lubin and Amanda Gutterman of ConsenSys explained how blockchain technology and media companies go hand in hand during TechCrunch Disrupt; while the latest project ConsenSys is working with, The Civil Media Company, looks to create independent newsrooms in hopes of creating high-quality local, international, investigative and policy journalism.
Ethereum Co-Founder Defends Tether Against Bitcoin Price Manipulation Claims45.78
One of the cryptocurrency community’s most respected voices is throwing his support behind tether (USDT), the controversial “stablecoin” that critics allege has been used to manipulate the bitcoin price. Joseph Lubin, an Ethereum co-founder, told Yahoo Finance that he “believes” USDT is backed by physical dollars at a 1 to 1 ratio, as the token’s
Top 5 Blockchain Conferences in Europe This Fall11.35
For cryptocurrency insiders suffering from conference fatigue, it might be tempting to block out your agenda for the rest of the fall. With many of the heavy hitters like Consensus already over, don’t be fooled into thinking you’ve seen this year’s best. In an industry moving faster than a bullet train, there’s plenty of new developments to come.