Guy Zyskind7

Guy Zyskind is the founder and CEO of Enigma. The project started as part of his Master’s thesis at MIT’s Media Lab. While at MIT, he served as a research assistant where analyzing encrypted data using MPC and Blockchain technology helped him on his thesis subject: “Efficient Secure Computation Enabled by Blockchain.” Zyskynd also holds a bachelors in computer science and electrical engineering from Tel Aviv University. He is know for evangelizing Bitcoin/Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies research in academia. He previously founded Gripit, a location based real-time couponing system that allows businesses to attract nearby clients.

Mentions in posts

Enigma launches testnet developer release of Discovery protocol to enable secret contracts
Blockchain startup Enigma is releasing the testnet developer release of its Discovery protocol which allows the creation of “secret contracts”—privacy-preserving smart contracts. The protocol allows building smart contracts without revealing the privacy of the participants, enabling “computations over encrypted data” so that sensitive data can be used as inputs.