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WSJ Falsely Overstates ‘$9 Million’ ShapeShift Money Laundering Claim: Analysis15.6
Blockchain investigation and cybersecurity firm CipherBlade has done its own research, the results of which seem to exonerate crypto exchange ShapeShift from a scathing report in The Wall Street Journal. Shapeshift CEO Erik Voorhees was the first to tout the results, which exposed holes in the Journal’s methodology, knowledge of crypto, and other shortcomings. In CipherBlade’s published response, ...
Lightning Network: Cool Enough for Twitter Jack and Fidelity But Not Iran
On Feb. 22, bitcoiners rejoiced when the financial banking giant Fidelity was handed the ‘Lightning torch’ as the Lightning Network’s social experiment was passed on to its latest bearer. Then, two days later, the new Lightning torch holder made the decision to exclude passing it on to a cryptocurrency executive from Iran because of U.S. sanctions. After a few words were exchanged between the torc...
Lyn Ulbricht Pushed Herself to the Brink of Death for #FreeRoss. Her Last, Best Hope: President Trump46
When Lyn Ulbricht is home, a 20-minute drive from the maximum-security penitentiary in Florence, Colo., she’s frequently up at five in the morning. After fixing herself a cup of tea and doing some devotional reading, she turns to meditation and prayer. She often visualizes her son Ross—who until a recent transfer was locked up in that nearby penitentiary—as a free man. Sometimes she pictures him e...
Tidbits: Voorhees Believes Maximalism Is Flawed, Craig Wright Self-Proclaimed Largest BTC Holder
Tidbits summarizes interesting chatter from across the cryptosphere. Today, the crypto community reacts to Erik Voorhees’s argument that maximalism is a flawed ideology. Jonathan Silverblood recommends using the bear market as an opportunity to build while earning crypto and Craig Wright claims he owns more BTC than anyone else in the world. 
Crypto Impersonation Scammers on Social Media Raked in Millions in 2018
Over the last two years, as cryptocurrencies gained mainstream attention, scammers have become far more prevalent. One particular social media scam that can be found on prominent websites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram is the impersonation of well-known crypto industry executives and blockchain luminaries. Unfortunately even a verified account means nothing these days and these giant corpora...
Crypto Tidbits: Possible Japan Bitcoin ETF, Ripple Achieves Milestone, Ethereum Classic Attack4.8
Although the Bitcoin price stumbled, fundamental developments for the crypto industry’s facets remained strong during the second week of 2019. New York opened a so-called “Blockchain Center,” purportedly funded by Microsoft, Ripple achieved a key milestone, and Bloomberg claims that Japanese regulators may green light a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) in the future.
ShapeShift lays off 37 staff as ‘crypto winter’ takes hold18
The “crypto winter” is far from over and cryptocurrency exchange ShapeShift is the latest to fall victim to its harsh ways. In a blog post published yesterday evening, ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees announced that he has had to “let 37 employees go.” This has reduced the company’s size by a third. The news comes as a result of the continued cryptocurrency bear market, as well as ShapeShift’s busines...
Bitcoin Exchange ShapeShift Cuts Third Of Staff In Extended “Crypto Winter”
Weeks ago, Dovey Wan, a partner at Primitive Capital, leading crypto industry insider, and whistleblower (of sorts), took to her well-followed Twitter soapbox to remark that she expects more layoffs heading into 2019. Referencing the fact that purging staff in the holiday season is taboo, and shouldn’t be done out of etiquette and human decency, the Chinese Bitcoin (BTC) enthusiast wrote:
ShapeShift is laying off “a third” of its team as it prepares to weather the crypto recession6
Erik Voorhees, founder and CEO of crypto exchange ShapeShift, announced that his company has reduced the size of its team by a third, laying off 37 employees. “Crypto, like the moon we strive toward, is a harsh mistress,” Voorhees wrote, adding that “none of it surprises those who have been through these cycles. But even with that experience, navigating these tumultuous seas is a continual lesson ...
Is This the End of Crypto?14.76
Bitcoin’s tumbled to a 15-month low. Ethereum is circling the drain. Despite announcements of a Swiss ETP, more regulated bitcoin futures in Q1, a German stock exchange launching a crypto platform, and institutional investors getting in, the market keeps on hemorrhaging. Is it time to jump ship? Cut your losses and get out while there’s something to get out with? Is this the end of crypto?
Chatter Report: Voorhees Questions ‘Smart Money’, Sechet Explains ‘Miners Don’t Vote’ Declaration7.32
In today’s Chatter Report, Erik Voorhees criticizes cryptocurrency-focused venture capital firms for reneging on their signed term sheet deals. Also, Steve Patterson calls out Amaury Sechet over Chris Pacia’s comment that miners don’t vote. Lastly, imaginary_username contemplates on the different roles of miners and users in Bitcoin. 
SEC Investigates Salt Lending’s ICO, Huobi Advises Russian Bank on DLT10.95
In recent regulatory news, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has reportedly launched an investigation into Salt Lending’s 2017 initial coin offering. Separately, the SEC revealed that it has stopped accepting public comments on nine bitcoin exchange-traded funds that it rejected in August, and digital asset exchange Huobi has announced that it is providing cryptocurrency consulting...
WTF is happening to crypto?281.73
Four days ago the crypto markets were crashing hard. Now they’re crashing harder. Bitcoin, which hasn’t fallen past $6,000 for months, has dumped to $4,413.99 as of this morning, and nearly everything else is falling in unison. Ethereum, flying high at $700 a few months ago, is at $140. Coinbase, that bastion of crypto stability, is currently sporting a series of charts that look like Aspen black-...
Why Rise is About to Let Anyone to Trade Crypto with its “Wall Street-Grade” Algorithms [INTERVIEW]32.1
The zero-sum game that is trading has traditionally been a tough sell for retailers, who may seldom come out on top in their daily tug-of-war with the deep-pocketed institutions that wrap most markets around their fingers. CryptoSlate, however, sat down with the chief executive of Rise, who is planning to repurpose its institutional-grade, AI-powered trading technology to level the playing field a...
Ron Paul Poll: 50% Bullish On Bitcoin (BTC) As 10-Year Investment18.73
Ron Paul, a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native and retired politician, has long been a progressive leader on America’s political stage. Over the course of his stints as a presidential candidate and congressman, Paul hasn’t been afraid to speak out on controversial, yet pertinent issues, like gun reform and marijuana use. Interestingly, this ‘no-filter’ attitude has been reflected in his fiscal/econom...
The Wall Street Journal has once again published an inaccurate and misleading article against me and against the crypto industry. Sadly, this is not a surprise. When the WSJ published a story in September about me and my company, ShapeShift, I responded publicly, disclosing and showing that they had based their story on inaccurate methodology and reached false and misleading conclusions. Despite t...
Bitcoin Price Set for Breathtaking Moonshot on the Back of Rising U.S. Debt, Says ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees30.71
Erik Voorhees believes the price of Bitcoin will increase on the back of skyrocketing U.S. debt. The Chief Executive Officer of ShapeShift – a Swiss-based cryptocurrency exchange platform, believes that with rising debt profile, investors will have no choice but to invest in virtual currencies leading to the inevitable rise in the price of Bitcoin.
Satoshiversary: A Complete Guide to Bitcoin’s Tenth Birthday-9.68
In honor of the bitcoin white paper‘s 10th anniversary, we took a long look at Satoshi’s legacy. From the man who claimed the author’s identity to early developers who helped make bitcoin what it is today—to examinations of what it even is today—here’s what you need to know about bitcoin since its emergence on October 31, 2008. We’ve rounded up everything we and other news outlets wrote to honor b...
Bitcoiners Shoot Down Roubini’s US Senate Testimony11.34
Noted Bitcoin critic Nouriel Roubini will deliver a speech on cryptocurrency and blockchain to the U.S. Senate today, and it is unlikely that the man known as “Dr. Doom” will mince his words. Nor will the economist concern himself too much with the truth, as his prepared testimony is filled with exaggerations and inaccuracies that the cryptocurrency community has already started to gleefully pull ...
Shapeshift CEO Responds to Wall Street Journal Laundering Claims13.34
Reporters at the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) tied innovative ecosystem cryptocurrency exchange Shapeshift to money laundering. “How Dirty Money Disappears Into the Black Hole of Cryptocurrency,” was its published product from months of investigative journalism. The company’s CEO, Erik Voorhees, claims cooperation with the WSJ was obtained “under false pretenses.” He also charges the WSJ “omitted rel...
Banks, Money Mules and Front Companies Aid Terrorists in Conflict Zones Launder Money12.56
Terror financing is taking on a new shape, but still retaining its old aides. Environmental crimes such as wildlife trafficking and illegal ivory sales have overtaken the drug trade as the major income source for terrorists around the world, accounting for more than a third of their revenue. However, it is not cryptocurrency that is helping non-state militias and terrorist groups fuel conflict in ...
Shapeshift CEO: Bitcoin Drop Beneficial in Building Market Foundation101.69
According to Erik Voorhees, the CEO of popular cryptocurrency trading platform ShapeShift, the bear market of Bitcoin is crucial for building market foundation and infrastructure. He explained: “Bear markets are for builders. The calm, the quiet, the disillusionment. While the fickle and fair-weather peer around with nervous insecurity, the builders become the market’s foundation, preparing
A Case for Bitcoin (BTC): The USD is Not Backed By Gold or Silver and Has an Unlimited Supply45.87
The fact of the matter is that many of us know more about Bitcoin (BTC) and the rest of our favorite digital assets, than we know about our local fiat currencies. We simply found our local currency being used and went along with the story that it was how the world operated. We embraced the United States Dollar as the most stable currency fit for being the standard across the globe. But we did not ...
According to Trevor Koverko Security Tokens Are the Next Major Trend in Crypto1.38
ICO was so last year. In the US anyway. The implications of this are both depressing and encouraging at the same time. For retail investors, among other things, this means shaking out the scammers and the bad actors. Yet, in many cases, it also means shaking out the retail investors. These days, just because a company holds an STO doesn’t guarantee them success.
Four Alternatives to Shapeshift62.73
The news that Shapeshift is to move to a full custodial model, requiring KYC for anyone who wishes to swap cryptos, has sparked a wave of protests. Many users have vowed to take their business elsewhere. For cryptocurrency holders seeking a non-custodial exchange, there are several Shapeshift alternatives to choose from, with varying degrees of privacy.