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Exclusive: Crypto Founder Lashes Out, Blames SEC for ‘Starving’ Innovation31.2
“My name is David Siegel, I am a regulatory refugee from the United States.” This is how David Siegel, founder of crypto projects Pillar and 20|30, starts his presentations. What challenges have you faced building projects within the blockchain industry? Siegel understands the need for innovation and disruption within economies, and he can get more done in the UK and Europe than he can in the US. ...
How do investors view the ICO/STO market in 2019?
Bitcoin is flat and going “to the moon” didn’t happen in January as it had been predicted by most analytics experts. Investors didn’t receive sky-high profits from the increasing price of Bitcoin when the ICO market crashed.. Following my #10kqachallenge (where I interview 10,000 experts in different niches) I asked founders and managers from crypto funds about how they view the market, and we’ve ...