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Bitcoin Would be Lone Survivor in Nuclear War ‘Hunger Games’: Charlie Shrem45.6
By Bitcoiners, rejoice! Only bitcoin (and maybe roaches) would survive a nuclear holocaust. In contrast, banks and fiat money would literally go down in flames. That’s what crypto pioneer Charlie Shrem wants you to know as you ponder a hypothetical dystopian future. “If the unthinkable happens, Bitcoin would be a highly durable currency during nuclear war,
After Pulling Stunts on Warren Buffet and Jamie Dimon, Genesis Mining – the World’s Leading Cloud Mining Company, Does It Again!12.41
Genesis Mining has made a name for itself in the crypto industry as one of the leading, and a reliable mining contracts provider. While the platform has got a strong following of crypto-miners, enthusiasts, and professionals, it is also known to take initiatives towards creating awareness about cryptocurrencies, their underlying blockchain technology, cryptocurrency mining and more. The educationa...
Charlie Shrem Scores A First Win In A $32 Million Court Battle Against The Winklevoss Twins, Assets Unfrozen-3.2
A few days ago, news broke that the Winklevoss brothers had lodged a court case against Charlie Shrem. The billionaire twins, who earned their billionaire status courtesy of the Bitcoin boom, have been very much in the news lately. They’re among the various people and influential entities that have been pushing for a Bitcoin ETF. The two are the founders of the Gemini exchange.
Ethereum Cofounder Anthony Di Iorio Loves Decentralization—But Loves Running the Show More-7.7
Anthony Di Iorio is one of the eight cofounders of Ethereum—and arguably one of the most integral members of that much-lauded group. In 2012, he founded the Toronto Bitcoin Meetup, where he met a young man named Vitalik Buterin. Di Iorio’s crypto hub, Decentral, gave birth to one of the earliest user-friendly bitcoin wallets, and is also where he eventually teamed up with fellow Ethereum cofounder...
Winklevoss Brothers File Charges Against Bitcoin Investor And Ex-Convict Charlie Shrem – They Want 5,000 Bitcoins-3.24
The Winklevoss twins have made a name within the crypto community as two of the people who became billionaires courtesy of the Bitcoin boom. The two brothers, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, are also the founders of the budding crypto exchange Gemini. They have been in the news as some of the most active people pushing for the approval of a Bitcoin ETF. They even presented a proposal for review by S...
3.5 Million Users Can Now Buy XRP using Credit and Debit Cards After Changelly–SimplexCC Partnership94.77
Changelly, a trusted cryptocurrency exchange with low fees and proven trust record, is opening up the XRP–fiat market allowing investors to buy XRP using their Visa or MasterCard debit and credit cards. In an email sent to their users, the exchange which is best known for offering instantaneous crypto-to-crypto conversion, said this is “big news for wise investors” and users can now convert their ...