Alex Pentland9

Alex Pentland is one of the world’s most powerful data scientists, according to Forbes 2011. He also serves as professor at MIT and is a social entrepreneur. He is the most cited computer science authors, with an h-index of 125.  

He received his bachelors from the University of Michigan and obtained his Ph.D. in Psychology from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1982. He started as lecturer at Stanford University in both computer science and psychology, and joined the MIT faculty as Academic Head of the Media Laboratory. He serves on the Boards of the UN Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data, the American Bar Association, AT&T, and several of the startup companies he has co-founded. He directs the MIT Media Lab Human Dynamics Lab and MIT Connection Science Program which explore the use of big data and AI to better understand human society. He serves as an advisor for the Enigma project, helping create the code behind it as well. 

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