Research Shows British Companies Are Diversifying Crypto Stockpiles, No Longer BTC-Focused156.01

Technology services company Citrix has commissioned a One Poll study that shows that 50 percent of British business are stockpiling cryptocurrencies, but only 7 percent invest in Bitcoin exclusively, according to Citrix's official blog. 27 percent plan to use crypto alongside smart contract and Blockchain technology, 27 percent for fundraising and training, and 17 percent for research and development activities. Backup procedures are used by 52 percent of businesses surveyed, cold or offline storage by 36 percent, multiple wallets by 36 percent, using a dedicated or hardened computer by 35 percent, and requiring dual control so multiple people are needed to access the crypto assets by 22 percent. What do these companies predict for the future?Keeping in mind the recently volatile crypto markets, 35 percent think that crypto could crash, and 34 percent say that the volatility is preventing them from adding more crypto to their stockpile.
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