Bitcoin (BTC) Bulls Abound As Halving Countdown Hits One Year

At long last, the Bitcoin (BTC) block reward reduction is a mere one year away, according to recent calculations anyway. And Litecoin’s issuance shift, which many call a “halving” or “halvening”, in 70 days away. With this news, coupled with BTC’s recent move to $8,000 and an array of positive news, analysts have begun to express some decidedly bullish sentiment.

As recently noted by anyone and everyone on Twitter, Bitcoin’s third halving is in approximately 365 days. This, for those unaware, means that the number of BTC issued per each block, mined every ten minutes, will fall from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC. This marks a 50% reduction, hence “halving”. So by May 2020, the number of BTC issued each and every day will fall from 1,800 to 900, and may potentially spark yet another jaw-dropping rally.

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