5 Reasons why the Bitcoin Price Uptrend has Stalled18

It has been a rather quiet week for Bitcoin so far. Despite a very promising start to May of 2019, the uptrend has ground to a halt. While that is not entirely unexpected, a lot of traders and speculators are growing antsy once again. There are several reasons as to why the Bitcoin price uptrend has stalled. How much of a role these all play in the big picture, is up for debate.

There are always some things going on with Bitcoin which most people will not notice immediately. As has been the case for some time now, there will be periods when the BTC transaction queue fills up quickly and confirmations will take longer to materialize. While this problem can usually be solved by simply paying a higher transaction fee, it is a far cry from an ideal solution. After all, no one wants to pay more fees to move BTC across the network. When the unconfirmed transactions numbers rise, the Bitcoin price usually seems to enter sideways trading for a while. It is unclear if these events effectively correlate, though.

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