Bitcoin (BTC) Likely On the Verge Of Parabolic Rally, Analyst Notes

While some have been skeptical of this rally, claiming that Bitcoin (BTC) isn’t ready to rally, a few indicators show that the recent move to $8,000 is about to kick off a parabolic run.

Popular analyst Nebraskan Gooner recently noted that his proprietary “Top Goon X” indicator, which has historically flashed “buy”/”parabolic” to precede massive moves to the upside, has just issued a signal after over three years of inactivity. As seen below, the last four times a “parabolic” signal was issued on the daily chart, massive exponential moves graced Bitcoin in the coming months and years. If history is of any indication, this could be the latest sign that “crypto winter” is finally over, and we’re about to be flung into spring, then summer.

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