The Plague of Our Age: Immigration — And How Blockchain Offers a Solution to this Problem.

The phenomenon of international migration has become increasingly important especially in the international arena since the 1990s and as a policy area within the European Union itself, and it takes place at the top of the EU agenda. As the process of enlargement and deepening of the EU progresses, the importance of the migration phenomenon increases in economic and political integration efforts.

In addition, migration policy has a decisive role in the EU’s efforts to create a “field of freedom, security and justice”, one of the main objectives of the EU as stated in the Lisbon Treaty. In this context, the EU is taking a firm action towards establishing a common migration policy since the Amsterdam Treaty signed in 1997. While steps are being taken to create a common migration policy, the dynamics of the 2004 enlargement process reveal that these common policies should be reflected in foreign policy.

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