Date Sheet–How a Boston Startup Could Revolutionize Weather Forecasting40

Aaron in for Adam this morning. You’ve no doubt heard about the “Internet of Things”--maybe you’ve even heard too much--but Shimon Elkabetz wants you to start thinking about the “Weather of Things.”

While the government and most private weather forecasters rely on satellites and a network of weather stations and radars scattered around the country, there are many more devices out there that are collecting useful weather data. The signals sent for microwave communications, mobile phones, and satellite TV receivers are affected by weather, for example, while millions of cars measure the outdoor temperature and traffic cams record visibility. “We can turn everything into a weather sensor,” the 32-year-old Israeli Air Force veteran explains on a visit to the Boston headquarters of his startup, Climacell. It was during his 11 years in the military that Elkabetz witnessed the critical importance of accurate weather forecasts.

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