Study Confirms AI can Develop a Human-like Knack for Numbers18

Many people feel uncomfortable with the idea of artificial intelligence. Not just because an AI is capable of outsmarting humans, but also because of their innate ability to learn new things. A new study confirms deep neural networks are capable of growing a knack for “numbers”, just like us humans can. Another pretty interesting development in the world of AI.

For us humans, it is not hard to see correlations as far as numbers are concerned. More specifically, our brain is designed in such a way it will derive common denominators from any specific set of items, problems, and so forth. Even if we look at X amount of different objects, where X is the same for all objects, it is not hard to determine what the common denominator is. For an artificial intelligence, that situation is very different. Up until now, it was assumed an AI is incapable of determining such a denominator.

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