6 Surprising Facts About the US Dollar20

Most people in this world will come in touch with fiat currency in one way or another. Even so, the vast majority of those individuals hardly ever wonder about the aspects of physical money, especially where US Dollar bills are concerned. The following fun facts and interesting tidbits of information show a US Dollar bill is not as bland as it may seem.

The Federal Reserve is the only institution in the United States which can effectively control the money supply in the country. Interestingly enough, it seems one of the biggest denominated bills is exiting the United States at an accelerating pace. Just over one in three $100 bills printed to date is located within the US. Banks, cash registers, and other facilities can only account for one-third of the entire $100 bill supply ever printed. A bit of an odd statistic when considering nearly 80% of the US currency comes in the form of $100 bills.

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