Founders Interviews: Will Martino of Kadena

I’m Will Martino, CEO and co-founder of the hybrid blockchain platform, Kadena. I met my Kadena co-founder Stuart Popejoy at JP Morgan, and together we built an early payments pilot private blockchain for the bank (called Juno). We led the pioneering blockchain tech team at JP Morgan, who have since built Quorum and JPM coin. After we open-sourced Juno and presented it to the Hyperledger foundation, we left JP Morgan in 2016 and founded Kadena.

Kadena’s blockchain platform solves crucial scalability and security issues, and offers powerful, yet easy-to-use software development tools and solutions for building on a blockchain. Our enterprise (permissioned) blockchain platform is used by Fortune 500 companies to streamline distributed database and unlock their trapped liquidity; our upcoming public platform Chainweb, allows our current clients, including entrepreneurial startups like Rymedi and international organizations like to build hybrid applications at scale. Tying it all together is our open-source smart contract language, Pact, which is simple, easy-to-use and formally verified.

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