Will 5G and IoT Help Blockchain Seize The Day?

The tech industry seems to be in a state of constant flux, bombarded as it is with innovations from right, left and centre. Honestly, with the number of buzzwords and new launches coming my way, I really think it would be easier to keep up with the Kardashians’ nonstop drama than the barrage of “next big thing”s lined up in the tech space.

Given that the space is so insanely overcrowded, standing out is not an easy task. What is harder, however, is to retain the limelight for more than a year or two. Blockchain is one technology that has managed to keep us interested for a while now, but unless it manages to explode into a widely adopted technology soon, it might start fading off. Fortunately, it seems to be getting some help in that regard. Two other technologies that define the coming fourth industrial revolution (4IR): 5G and Internet of Things(IoT), are ready to make waves of their own and a seamless connection between these three could keep blockchain alive and well.

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