Binance hack puts the all-time total sum stolen from cryptocurrency exchanges over $1.35 billion; 59% coming from 2018

With the recent hack of Binance, the all-time total stolen from cryptocurrency exchanges has surpassed $1.35 billion, according to The Block's research. Of that $1.35 billion, approximately 59% was taken in 2018 alone. Interestingly, the number of hacked exchanges has stayed relatively the same since 2012. What changes is the average amount stolen; perhaps because of rising prices.

Four cryptocurrency exchanges were hacked in 2019, resulting in a loss of approximately $69 million. In 2014, Mt. Gox’s massive hack made the year an apparent outlier, representing 99% of the amount stolen that year. Last year also had a huge outlier — 62% of the amount stolen in 2018 came from the nearly half a billion Coincheck hack, the largest in history.

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