Real Estate ICOs Are Moving In, But Investors Aren't Floored369.8

There are at least four ICO issuers right now with a real-estate component - BitRent, a way to speed up financing construction projects; Etherty, real-estate management through equity access; Caviar, a fund that tempers the volatility of crypto investments with loans to real estate projects; and Trust, a way to tokenize equity in real estate and other real-world assets. The concept of selling shares of a property is nothing new - real estate investment trusts, modelled after mutual funds, own and manage properties, allowing investors to buy in for small amounts. While the crypto investors CoinDesk spoke to found the concept intriguing on a thought exercise level, none of them had actually invested in a crypto token focused on disrupting the real estate industry. There are signs that the right people are taking an interest in crypto tokens for real estate.
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