Bitcoin Cash Price Briefly Surpasses $170 Following Surprising Gains20

It would appear most of the bearish pressure which seemed to materialize yesterday evening is no longer in place at this time. Some of the top markets are moving up in a decisive manner, whereas others are still on wobbly legs. The Bitcoin Cash price is surging once again, although it remains to be seen if this trend can be sustained for very long. Weekends are usually somewhat odd when it comes to cryptocurrency trading.

Most people will readily agree Bitcoin Cash is a bit of an unusual market first and foremost. While the current price momentum seems to signal the coming few days will be rather interesting to keep an eye on, there is also a good chance this uptrend will come crashing down sooner or later. Since all of these top markets rely on Bitcoin’s momentum first and foremost, it wouldn’t take too much effort to send all markets in a downward spiral pretty quickly.

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